In recent years, the concept of health and social care facility has taken on new facets. Organisations that have been created with multiple objectives and are aimed at more and more people. Nevertheless, all these places are united by the need to offer welcoming, comfortable and functional environments in every aspect. Operators must be provided with suitable conditions for carrying out their tasks in order to guarantee residents well-being, improved levels of autonomy and safe organisation of the different therapies.

Hospices, rest homes, nursing homes and more generally all these places must be designed to ensure compliance with the factors highlighted above. Once again, light and lighting are an essential component of success and help facilitate daily routines. Lamps, at MANGINI LIGHTING, must be able to balance functional and aesthetic light; illuminate and excite.

Nelle sue linee di prodotto, MANGINI LIGHTING, presents compliant solutions with added value in terms of technical and efficiency as well as architectural and decorative aspects.

Lampade per Case Comunità e RSA

one luminaire, everywhere

A single solution for different modular facilities from operating theatres to ancillary areas. A flexible and adaptable fixture that always complies with regulations.

all-round light

Ceiling mounted light disc designed in different sizes to shape and give form to rooms. A pleasant and adequate emission without shadows or reflections make this lamp ideal for a wide variety of applications.

where light and nature are enhanced

Fixed representations of skies, trees, flowers, modular in different sizes and modularity, visually define spaces and make them more comfortable. The beauty of these multi-sensory illusions promotes well-being and relax.